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172206 gmaze@s... 2007‑08‑07 Re: Galootapalooza 12! or The Manhattan Project review

You know there may be a reason she went, she probably wanted to limit the
damage and not let you consider tapping the savings, 401K, applying for a
second mortgage. My wife would probably do the same thing, only tell me she
could only get $25 from the machine when she came back.

A tool meet like that can be a bit overwhelming for the 1st timer, but I
have been told that the MTCA national meets are even bigger and more
spectacular, alas I haven't been able to get to one yet. Now if I could
just get SWMBO and the 9 year old daughter interested....

Gary Maze

With the lathe stand from Galootapalooza still in the back of the van
waiting for strong neighbors

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Milliken, Gordon Spencer (Gordon) wrote:
> I'm also ashamed to say that LOML "dragged" me out to the meet ......In
fact, in a dramatic effort to cure me of this sickness,
> SWMBO made an ATM run to get more funds - -
> I do want to publicly add my thanks and appreciation to the MWTCA for
this wonderful event,
Ooooh, a KEEPER.  Does she have a sister?

Kirk Eppler in Half Moon Bay, CA, afraid I'm gonna miss the next PAST meet
again due to kids soccer.  Maybe I can go Friday night.  Ken?
Process Development Engineering


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