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271431 scott grandstaff <scottg@s...> 2020‑07‑06 Re: tapered plane irons
>> 15* -2 **
>> 20* - 3**
>> 25 - 11  (1**)
>> 30 - 4
>> 35 - 2 (1**)
>> 40* -2

I suspect the 25 degrees relates to the length of the bevel more than 

Just because I never measured a bevel doesn't mean I don't know what 
bevel works.
I know exactly the bevel I am going for before I ever start.
I know whats worked best after years of trial.
     Its surely around 25 or so.  In that ballpark.

Its a long bevel, front to back.
You don't want it too long and thin and you don't want it too short and 

But basically, it's a fairly long good brand new even bevel you need to 
grind on most blades,
  for woodwork.

A newly ground bevel in a woodworking blade is just wicked magic. Hone 
it a little but don't screw up................. and its magic.

   Trying to mess with an old bevel is painful.

  But a new one....................... easy street.

   I have a Stanley Sweetheart #3 that has been the love of my life for 
45 years. And her blade is only a little shorter after 50 blade grindings.
You don't have to cut a lot most times.
Just clean it up, even it out and and get to the new steel.

  Nobody is going to tell you this, because there is no money in it.
But newly exposed, unoxidized steel accurately ground?
  is a new world.

All the contraptions and gizmos and diamonds ever made, are trying to 
pretend what a new steel edge is like.

  With a new edge you don't have to try so hard.
  Its all downhill with a new edge.

  Depending on the thickness of the steel, they get pretty long. The 
angle is th same with thick steel but the bevel is longer

and of course............. you have to
  Shorten up,  if going into brutal service

  but mostly, a pretty long even bevel for bench work gives good service.

   Its easy to see how long the bevel is, as you are grinding.
Easiest thing to check as you work.

A barely shorter bevel when using a smaller wheel, because you get more 
hollow grind.
And then adjust accordingly as the wheel gets larger.

    But you only have to figure it out once, whatever you're using.
And its not that different for any of them really.
  So you get it once, you got it.

Then its the same ol same ol for the next 100 blades in a row.... haahahaha

  After a million blades..................You just keep track of the 
bevel length.
  Thats where the money is.
yours scott

    Scott Grandstaff
    Box 409 Happy Camp, Ca  96039

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