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271386 don schwartz <dks@t...> 2020‑07‑04 Re: Hand forged auger bit, how old?
On 2020-07-04 1:34 p.m., Dave Tardiff via OldTools wrote:
> It occurs to me that if the blacksmith making the bit does the habitual
clockwise twist when forming the bit....it'll turn out to be a left handed
> And I can't see how direction matters if being used in a wooden brace with a
catch for that notch....
> So perhaps just a lack of planning ahead by the smith?

Left-hand twist bits are readily available for screw extraction and 
perhaps other uses. A lot of trades employ tools which are more-or-less 
unique to a particular task in their skill-set.

I wonder if this old forged bit had a special purpose we're just not 
contemplating? Think outside of the box.



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