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270424 Ed Minch <ruby1638@a...> 2020‑04‑06 Re: Old Bony--Keokuk

thanks for posting the poem - it was great.

I went to a Jesuit High School (God’s Gestapo) in the early 60’s.  We had to
carry a demerit card and if we did something untoward we were given a demerit
(or two or three, or more)  When you hit five, the staff member confiscated the
card and you had to go to school on Saturday at 8 AM to get it back, and you had
to bring your giant English Anthology with you.  The event on Saturday was
called JUG (Judgement Under God).  The poor staff member who was given the duty
announced which pages or works the Seniors had to memorize, the Juniors, the
Sophomores, and the Freshmen.  I was well acquainted with the excersize,
attending a perhaps a half-dozen times a year.  Fortunately I am blessed with a
good mind for memoriing (not much else) and I could usually get out by 9:30 or
10, but if you couldn’t easily memorize, you were there til 4.

One Saturday I was given The Cremation of Sam Mcgee to memorize and when I read
it to the prefect I acted it out - complete with dogsled and shovel.  I can
still recite the first 2 verses, but that’s all.

Thanks for that

Ed Minch

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