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137425 rcallen@x... (Russ Allen) 2004‑10‑03 Re: mwtca meet report....
  Ditto to what everyone else has already said about the St. Louis
meet.  The highlight for me was meeting Larry Williams and Bill

  I was hoping someone else would mention the give away first
so I wouldn't have to toot my own horn.  But since no one else
has, check out http://www.nonesuchtools.com/mwtca/
Everyone who attended received a doorstop that looks surprisingly
like a chisel plane!  Mike Urness will probably be posting a
FS to unload err sell the extras.

  My previous "you must be a galoot" moment came while 
simultaneously baking the japanning on 5 shooting board plane 
castings.  My new moment came while driving 500 miles to pick up 
600 chisel plane doorstops.  At 1.7 pounds each that's 1020 pounds
or one more than slightly overloaded mini van's worth.

 To answer Mike Hamilton's question, the next meet is in Decatur, IL
June 16-18, 2005.

Russ Allen

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