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109211 "Steve Reynolds" <stephenereynolds@e...> 2002‑08‑28 Re: Rivets in perfect handle screwdrivers
Michael asked:

>  The neatest one has a
> very interesting marking around a round steel shaft.  It's in a spiral
> pattern (sort of like the stripe on a barbers pole) and says "PERFECT
> HANDLE, ?????sville, Conn" and maybe some other info.

>What are they designed for?  They seem to be way too sturdy
> for simply turning screws, especially the Irwin one.  Also, is "Perfect
> Handle" a brand name or simply a style of handle.

    Perfect Handle was the trademark of HD Smith & Co. who hung out
their shingle in Plantsville, Connecticut:

    As for the Irwin, whaddya mean TOO sturdy?  Comemon, dagnabit, ain't
no such thing.  Those boys were made to sit in the head of the biggest,
rustiest, nastiest screws and have a wrench put on the shank for extra
torque.  Ain't no too sturdy about it.  Especially if you're one to
abuse a screwdrive and use it to lever up a Model T Ford to retrieve the
coffee money you dropped underneath.  Big ol' shank will survive that
while your chiwanese one will twist like a pretzel.


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