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Temperature, precipitation, snowfall and cloud cover, 2004

The vertical lines running through the center of the plot show the high and low temperatures for that date. The solid horizontal lines represent the 30-year average high and low temperature. The points above and below these markings are the record high and low temperatures.

On the bottom of the graph, the open boxes represent snowfall amounts (measured on the right-hand Y-axis), and the solid bars represent precipitation amounts. The precipitation values have been scaled such that 1 on the right-hand Y-axis represents 0.2 inches of precipitation.

The second chart at the bottom of the plot shows the daily cloud cover values. The cloud cover values for February, March, September and October were missing, so the zero values during those months represent missing data, not zero cloud cover.

For a Portable Document Format (pdf) document of this plot, click here (approximately 20 K).

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