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278551 Kirk Eppler 2024‑06‑20 Re: What manufacturer: ????in & Shau?
W. Butler is not in my Directory of Sheffield Tool Manufacturers 1740 -

But then again, neither is W. Butcher.  Gotta ask another bookowner what I
am doing wrong.


The William Butcher Company was in business in Sheffield by 1821,
was Butcher, Brown & Butcher in about 1828 and became William &
Samuel Butcher by 1833 and continued to 1900 (and possibly longer?).

There is a now dead link on Butcher that says:  (
https://swingleydev.com/ot/get/67274/thread/#67274 )
The extensive entry on Butcher includes

>William Butcher was also involved in engineering projects and worked
closely with the Pennsylvania Steel Co. in Harrisburg (U.S.A.). In 1865 the
same firm employed him to supervise the
installation of several Bessemer converters to produce bulk steel. Later in
the same year William Butcher went to Philadelphia to set up his own steel

The works were opened in June 1867 under his name and produced the first
steel castings made commercially in the U.S.A. Butcher's intention was to
produce crucible steel using the
same methods as were used by the Sheffield steelmen. To achieve this he
used craftsmen from Sheffield to set up and run the works

On Wed, Jun 19, 2024 at 8:46 PM Christian Gagneraud 

> On Tue, 18 Jun 2024 at 21:03, Michael Blair  wrote:
> >
> > W. Butler... Are you quite certain it isn't W. Butcher? Butcher was an
> excellent Sheffield maker of edged tools.
> Yes, it is indeed W. Butler unfortunately.

Kirk Eppler in Half Moon Bay, CA 

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