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278536 Richard Wilson <yorkshireman@y...> 2024‑06‑18 Re: Looking For Guidance on Starter Tool Recommendations.
Aah, sit back on a rocker as the Porch gets into full flow.  So much knowledge
and experience here to draw on.

So of course I’ll chip in with a bit of sawdust of my own. 

First thing to think of when creating a tool set from scratch is ‘what am I
making’ - and you already nailed that with ’small wooden boxes’

Basic tool set (there are some list way back in the archives - “if you could
only have 10 tools, what would you choose” type of thing.

Begin with being able to dimension the raw material - or maybe you buy stuff
already dimensioned if we’re talking small goods, otherwise
A rip saw, a cross cut saw, and a pair of tenon saws - one rip, one cut.
Square of appropriate size, marking knife, metal rule, tape measure
A 4 ½ bench plane (smoother, Jeff) and a No5 (jack plane, Jeff )   get a good
blade for the 4 ½.
At least one stone for sharpening - and learn well how to sharpen.  You might
look for an apprentice that uses man-made round wheels too.
A couple of bevel edge chisels at least - maybe a 1 inch, a 3/8 and a 1/8 for
those tiny places
Something like a Record 43 or alternative plane - maybe a 50 combination plough
and beading (combination plane, Jeff - works grooves and beads with different

That would get you basic dovetail boxes  

Then you can consider adding tools for specialisms - like particular beads you
like, or widths of grooves.  Maybe you need something a bit bigger? Personally I
like the No6 bench plane - I like the heft, and a No7 for heft and length and
Perhaps you work in difficult timber? A low angle plane - a block plane (lots to
choose from)   A couple of cabinet scrapers for finer finishing, and a

Principally though - learn to sharpen.  Most people don’t know what ’sharp’
really is, and they make something sharper than they were used to and stop
there.  It’s inspirational to visit a proper user and find that the level of
sharpness is a couple of levels above what you thought, and experience just how
much easier and more accurately a properly sharp chisel will trim a joint, or a
plane will take off a fine whisper to achieve that perfect fitting lid.

- and read.  ‘Old’ textbooks from the early 20th century aim to make a
journeyman from any school leaver and describe how to do stuff with hand tools.
Chris Schwarz has leant heavily on Hayward - as has the Mortice and Tenon (sp)
latest magazine reprinting.

You could visit me here, if’n I was a few thousand miles closer… 

Richard Wilson
yorkshireman Galoot in Northumbria

> On 17 Jun 2024, at 04:03, cvc95@c... wrote:
> Hello,
> I am interested in starting to setup the hand tools needed for the
construction of small wooden boxes and other items.
> In the construction of items, I will be planning to use dovetails, resawing
dimensional lumber, flattening and squaring by hand.
> I would also intend on using rabbit and dados, of which I would want to
achieve by hand planes.
> I look forward to hearing back.
> Thank You,

Yorkshireman Galoot
in the most northerly county, farther north even than Yorkshire
IT #300

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