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205963 WesG <wesg@g...> 2010‑07‑09 Re: Galootapalooza XV!
How do the kids say: "Big Ups" to Russ for taking over this year.
He hosted Galootapalooza II, which was my first year sliding down the  
slope. I wish I could be there, to enjoy the flashback, but too many  
things to do that weekend, including a blacksmithing conference  
hosted by the Rocky Mountain Smiths in Carbondale Co.  And since work  
comes before play, I'll have to wait until GXVI to get my "palooza" on.

Anyway, I hope that everybody has a great time. Russ didn't mention  
the pot-luck dinner, but it's always REALLY good. We have some great  
cooks in our midst.

P.S. Esther, I think that "Galootapalosa _XV" is the one in Neuvo  
Mexico! ;-)

In Chicago and at:

On Jul 9, 2010, at 12:13 PM, Russ & Cheri Allen wrote:

> Russ delurkes...
> me: Tink, tink, tink.  Is this mike on?
> the porch: hey whoz dat?
> For many reasons (mostly because Wes will be out of
> town!) I'll be hosting an old school Galootapalooza
> on July 31st.

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