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205959 Russ & Cheri Allen <rrjallen@y...> 2010‑07‑09 Galootapalooza XV!
Russ delurkes...

me: Tink, tink, tink.  Is this mike on?  
the porch: hey whoz dat?

For many reasons (mostly because Wes will be out of 
town!) I'll be hosting an old school Galootapalooza 
on July 31st.  If you were one of the six people at 
the first Galootapalooza in Ralph's backyard fourteen 
years ago you'll know what I'm talking about.  It will 
mostly be a meet and greet.  Galoots are encouraged to 
bring something along for show and tell.  There won't 
be an organized class as, well, we are unorganized this 
Ping me if'n you'll be in the general area (northwest 
suburban Chicago) on the 31st looking to hang out with 
like minded individuals.  There is an M-WTCA tool meet 
the following day in LaFox, IL.


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