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193571 WesG <wesg@g...> 2009‑07‑20 Galootapalooza 14 Chicago Official Announcement
OK, ok. It's not really last minute if you consider there's almost 2  
whole weeks until Galootapalooza Chicago.
For those of you who want to make the trip. I won the coin flip and  
am hosting Galootapalooza 14 at my shop on the near-west side of  
Chicago. The Event is always the first Saturday in August. The M-WTCA  
area E tool meet is the next morning in LaFox Il. We always seem to  
have fun at this event and it's always been my favorite tool day of  
the year. Due to the nature of my shop a lot of the focus will be on  
smithing and metal work, but we're going to have a Plane-Off  
handplane competition that usually brings out the gnarly wood and the  
gnarly woodworkers in all of us.

I'm getting a lot of help from Russ Allen and Bill Keller and Slav  
too. If you can make it we'd love to have you.

I think everything that you might need to know about it is located at:


If you plan on coming be sure to fill out the RSVP form on the  
website so we can know how many to expect.


In Chicago and at:

(double link is brought to you by the Office of the Department of  
Redundancy Department Office.)


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