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181283 WesG <wesg@g...> 2008‑07‑13 Galootapalooza XIII is nigh!
Hey GG's in the midwest and surrounding areas it's the Galootapalooza  
This year we'll be at Slav's  shop for a good time.
Come and meet the chicago area guys, the CATS members and enjoy a  
nice day on Chicago's near west side. Slav's is in an huge old  
warehouse building not far from where Vaughan & Bushnell used to be  
located, so come drink in the history.

This year's theme is "Problem Solving" .
Bring in the plane that you can't  tune, the wood that refuses to be  
planed without tear-out or the finishing product that you can't make  
work. You'll find a whole lot of knowledge in attendance and over a  
few cool beverages and some tasty Chicago chow you'll probably solve  
that problem or learn to avoid it entirely.

Time is 10 AM til 8 PM
Place is Mustang Design 2023 West Carroll, Chicago 60612
The door buzzer number is 203.
You can bring food or drink or $10 to pitch in. Coordinate with Slav  
via email: lunytools@a...

Plan on a good relaxed time with other like minded and afflicted  
people. The morning after Galootapalooza is the Garfield Farm MWTCA  
meet, so come out and make a weekend of it.

Next week I'll have an update ready for the Galootapalooza website.


In Chicago and at:


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