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172182 MJD <oldtool@f...> 2007‑08‑05 Manhatten project/ Galootapalooza Recap
Sine I am not totally fried from two days of festivities, I will be the
first to recap the most important weekend on the Galoot calendar.

This year, the planning for Galootapalooza was delayed due to the
appearence of locusts in the Chicagoland area. Since the ususal suspects
were heavily involved in locust related activities, one man took it upon
himself to plan the annual extravaganza that we know as Galootapalooza.
However, his keen cunning lead him to choose the name "Manhatten
Project" as those poineers of the atomic age did, so long ago to keep
the secrets from enemy hands.

id=2&place=displayimage&album=lastup&cat=0&pos We convened at the newly
cleaned shop of our benefactor. (Really! He cleaned!) You can see here
the tools waiting...sharpened...ready.....to be snatched forth and be
used with deft dexterity!

id=2&place=displayimage&album=lastup&cat=0&pos Some also call this
place: "Slav's Hardware Store"

id=2&place=displayimage&album=142&pos Special treats were planned! A
famous Sushi Chef was secretly flown in from St. Louis. His code name is
"Rat" you may know him by another name.

id=2&place=displayimage&album=142&pos The meetings went on through the
day! great plans were laid, and age old woodworking problems were
solved. The stress of all this thinking caused the comsumption of
massive quantities of Shushi, coffee, mixed nuts and malted beverages.

id=2&place=displayimage&album=142&pos http://galootcentral.com/portal/i-
&pos The chef worked doggedly into the afternoon to satisfy the
appetites of the assemblage.

id=2&place=displayimage&album=142&pos Finally, all the lies
(er...stories) were told, and all the food was gone, and the galoots had
to sneak off to bed for tool hunting at Garfield the next morning. It
was said that the Shushi Chef gorged himself on obscene amounts of
Mexican food that night, but those accounts are unconfirmed.

id=2&place=displayimage&album=142&pos The next day dawned with a bang.
(Literally...a bang...I was shook out of bed at 5:00am by a huge thunder
storm.) The sales started slowly since none of the dealers was stupid
enough to put tools out in the rain. I left my camera in the car, so you
don't get any pics of the carnage. I scored a very nice neanderbuddy
courtesy of Mark Van Roojen. (Thanks again!)

I await the other viewpoints of this auspicious weekend. It was good to
kick back and have no hosting responsibilities. Thanks to Slav, Wes,
Mike, and the whole gang!

Mike Duchaj (Jim E. please fix any technical things I screwed up in the
links if necessary.)


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