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171735 gmaze@s... 2007‑07‑18 Re: Galootapalooza Openhouse Manhattan Project
Woo hoo!

Glad to see that Slav is going to host Galootapalooza this year, since
this will be the first year I can come. Having the adventure of going to
his shop last year (http://people.iarc.uaf.edu/~cswingle/archive/get.ph-
tml?message_id=161894&submit_thread=1#message) I would be willing to bet
it will be a great time. Maybe this time I will show up on time so I
don't owe you breakfast, Slav.

Gary Maze

Hoping to put lots of faces with names

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             l.edu cc

             07/18/2007 12:40 [OldTools] Galootapalooza Openhouse PM
                   Manhattan Project

    Hey Fellas, when word surfaced that the powers that have been
    putting on Galootapalooza could not do it this year, the CATS club
    here in Chicago will do it. For a demo, I'll be doing one on files
    and rasps, how to tell the differences between Swiss Pattern and
    American Pattern and demo's on using them on steel, brass, aluminum
    and wood. Trying to get a special guest to come in and do a demo,
    doing some slight armtwisting over the phone, old buddy, you know
    who you are. This event will be nice and easy, time to hang out with
    friends and shoot the sh##. If you have a problem with a plane or
    anything else, bring it in. We will have the best minds in the
    midwest here to help you fix it, if not we will have to add some
    more brain with more BBQ chicken pizza and a couple of more cold
    ones. That is why this is the Manhattan Project, the greatest minds
    will be here. My shop is 2000 feet, i'll be able to get everyone in,
    also we can use the hallway for other things going on. My shop has a
    security force of killer kitties on guard at all times. Cats in
    Chicago is looking forward to hosting the Manhattan Project.

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