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105733 rcallen@x... (Russ Allen) 2002‑04‑16 I cast a mitre gauge!
Short version: I cast a Preston like mitre gauge over the weekend!

Longer version: Thanks to the indirect help of two galoots I successfully
cast a mitre gauge this past weekend!  The galoots in question are 
Gil Chesbro whose tireless advocacy of Tiller's International led me to 
their web page: http://www.wmich.edu/tillers/classes/black.html#Foundry

The second galoot is Australian Tony Blanks.  I mention the mitre gauge 
from _Making and Modifying Woodworking Tools_ on my Kingshott web page.  
The book shows the pattern, core box, and resulting casting but does not 
explain the process.  Tony's timely inquiry about Preston mitre gauges 
reminded me to bring its pattern and core box to the casting class. I took 
pictures of my gauge being cast and have updated my Kingshott page 

In the class we built a Gingery furnace.  We then melted and poured both 
aluminum and brass.  The only electrons used during the class powered a 
hair dryer.  It was used to increase the air flow to the charcoal while 
melting the metal.  In true galoot fashion, the charcoal was made on site 
*and* all the electrons came from a solar charged bank of batteries.

The molding sand we used was homemade- I still have a lot of work ahead to 
clean up my fuzzy gauge.  I don't think anyone would confuse it for an 

Most of what went on is off charter but the result was a new oldtool!
To galoots Gil and Tony I will be forever greatful.

Russ Allen

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