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#7:  Raspberry Imperial Stout (Imperial Stout)
Chris Swingley Michael Marchetti 

Recipe (for 5 gallons final volume)
5.0 pounds Dark Dry Malt Extract
5.0 pounds Light Dry Malt Extract
1.0 pounds Crystal Malt, 40L
14.0 ounces Chocolate Malt
14.0 ounces Roasted Barley
14.0 ounces Black Patent Malt

5.0 pounds Frozen red raspberries

2.0 ounces   Eroica pellet hops, % AA (60 minutes)
0.5 ounces   Eroica pellet hops, % AA (30 minutes)
0.5 ounces   Hallertauer pellet hops, % AA (30 minutes)
2.0 ounces   Cascade pellet hops, % AA (1 minutes)

  • Wyeast #1007 (German Ale Yeast), pitched at 80°F

  • Davis City water
  • 2.0 gallons  water treated with:
    •  Boiled, cooled.



  • Boiled 2.0 gallons for 60 minutes to yield 1.75 gallons wort

  • Primary: plastic, 3 days, 80°F, Added cold water to fill fermenter
  • Secondary: glass, 32 days, 80°F

  • Bottled with 0.75 cups dextrose

Starting Gravity: 1.100 Final Gravity: 1.023
Original Extract: 28.3°plato Apparent Extract: 5.83°plato
Real Extract: 10.30°plato
Alcohol: 10.2% by volume (7.9% by weight)
Apparent Attenuation: 75.5% Mash Efficiency:
Bitterness: 70 IBU Color: 85 SRM
BU:SG: 0.70 BV: 1.39

Tasting Notes
  • Opened first bottle (20 May): Excellent head. Raspberry aroma, very slight raspberry taste. Slightly sour (raspberry). Medium bitter finish. Overall quite smooth, creamy, rich. Very alcoholic. Quite spectacular -- and only a month and a half down the road!

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