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#4:  Burch Irish Stout (Export Stout)
Chris Swingley Michael Marchetti 

Recipe (for 5 gallons final volume)
3.3 pounds John Bull Light Malt Extract
3.3 pounds John Bull Dark Malt Extract
1.0 pounds Dry Light Malt Extract
1.0 pounds Roasted Barley

1.5 ounces   Northern Brewer pellet hops, % AA (60 minutes)
1.0 ounces   Northern Brewer pellet hops, % AA (30 minutes)
0.5 ounces   Cascade pellet hops, % AA (1 minutes)

  • Redstar dried beer yeast (2 packets), pitched at 86°F

  • Davis City water
  • 2.5 gallons  water treated with:
    •  Boiled, cooled.



  • Boiled 1.5 gallons for 60 minutes to yield 1.0 gallons wort

  • Primary: plastic, 2 days, 80°F, Added cold water to fill fermenter
  • Secondary: glass, 13 days, 80°F

  • Bottled with 0.75 cups dextrose

Starting Gravity: 1.061 Final Gravity: 1.017
Original Extract: 15.0°plato Apparent Extract: 4.33°plato
Real Extract: 6.36°plato
Alcohol: 5.8% by volume (4.5% by weight)
Apparent Attenuation: 71.1% Mash Efficiency:
Bitterness: 50 IBU Color: 10 SRM
BU:SG: 0.82 BV: 1.61

Tasting Notes
  • Tasted good after a week and a half in the bottle, but will doubtless improve with time. Very thick body, average head, quite bitter. Flavor of barley comes through clearly. Haven't compared with Guiness, but it is quite similar, although not as crisp. Perhaps in a couple more weeks.

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