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271428 Joshua Clark <jclark@h...> 2020‑07‑06 Re: Hand-Cranked Grinders [WAS: tapered plane irons ]
Short answer is I don't know for sure.

There's a lot of conflicting information as to what metals the CBN wheels
are best suited for and which to avoid. In my experience they work
incredibly well on any sort of  steel.. plane blades, chisels, gouges,
turning tools, etc. I've also ground big laminated blades with some sort of
softer iron/steel as the backing material with no problem. I've avoided
using them on brass, aluminum, cast iron, etc.

The best feature of the CBN wheels in mind is the ability to grind on the
side of the stone. The wheels I have on my grinder have about an inch wide
strip of grit on the outside edge of the wheel. This lets me use them as a
make-do surface grinder to rapidly flatten blades and remove pitting. No
more lapping out pitting on diamond stones.

Since we're verging on violating the rules of the list, let's just say you
could theoretically mount one of these on a hand-crank grinder.


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