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271424 <michigaloot@c...> 2020‑07‑06 Re: Hand-Cranked Grinders [WAS: tapered plane irons ]
Regarding grinders, Josh talked about CBN wheels -

"Earlier this year I added a grinder with CBN wheels to my shop. That has
literally revolutionized my grinding work. I'll never go back to a standard
grinding wheel, except for soft metals which the CBN wheels won't handle
according to the manufacturer."


If there is any bright side to the current virus situation relative to the
Porch, it is the most welcomed reappearance of many old timers. As someone
guilty of the same absence (been here since June of 96 but work and other items
took precedence), I hope it continues, as I expect to be back in the saddle
myself when I retire for good at the end of September.

Anyway, I'm curious what would be considered 'soft metals' in this context. Are
we talking raw stock like O1 or would a plane iron or chisel be included? I
noticed most online references to these wheels revolve around HSS turning tools.
Guess I'm trying to determine if I need to retain another stone for non-HSS

Dennis Heyza
Clinton Township - soon to be New Baltimore - Michigan

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