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271412 Kirk Eppler 2020‑07‑05 Re: tapered plane irons
On Wed, Jun 24, 2020 at 4:51 PM dks@t...  wrote:

> SO, here's the question. What primary bevel angle was historically or is
> currently favoured for these beefy cutters? Have I made a mistake by
> grinding the Marples primary down to 25deg., or could it go even lower?

Going completely opposite of Sir Richard's logical approach, I went to the
garage and into the box of spare cutting edges, and measured the thick
(mostly tapered) irons.  These have accumulated over time, and a few were
purchased as a lot. Some are bench plane and some are molding plane
blades.  I did not measure skinny parallel irons.

Here is the summary:
* between this and the next angle up,  I was only measuring to the nearest
5° with my gauge
** almost mirror polished so guessing a newer job

I decided I wasn't going to pull the blades out of all my planes, as I have
messed with all of them, going to the nearest 5° degrees.  Plus, it would
take forever to get them set up right again.

15* -2 **
20* - 3**
25 - 11  (1**)
30 - 4
35 - 2 (1**)
40* -2
Kirk Eppler in Half Moon Bay, where the beaches are closed, and walking
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