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271385 don schwartz <dks@t...> 2020‑07‑04 Re: tapered plane irons
On 2020-07-04 1:47 p.m., scott grandstaff wrote:
> Well I am certainly not going to improve on Richard's advice over 
> blade mechanics.
> Good one Brother!
>   I'll just add that I have never measured a bevel angle on a bench 
> plane blade in my life.
> Eyeball it and if it doesn't work, oh well. Only takes a minute to 
> grind to more or less bevel, and hone it out again, anyways.
Whatever works for you, and I don't doubt it does. For my part, I prefer 
to know what my grinding & honing angles are, so I can quickly set up, 
regrind or rehone without wasting time or steel in the process. I've 
never developed the ability to achieve a good edge while honing hand-held.
>    The only reason I am writing is just to remind us,
> the fantasy of plowing straight down the face of a plank, with any 
> plane, in any wood,
> with no problems?......... is really rare.
> Yup it does happen but never count on it haahaha
>   Wood does not care how you want to work it. Wood can only be worked 
> in the way it can be worked.
> (kind of like a girl I knew)
>   Heavily skewed, and attacking from --every-- angle until the right 
> one shows itself??
> Is how I plane pretty much all wood.
>   There is also a little bit of how hard or lightly I press the plane 
> down as I work. You really do have some control in this aspect, and it 
> matters. 


Best regards all.


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