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270444 Mick Dowling <spacelysprocket@b...> 2020‑04‑07 Re: Mad a tool

Is it for Dzus fasteners? Quarter turn quick release fasteners.

Mick Dowling
Melbourne Australia

On 8 Apr 2020, at 5:37 am, Erik Levin via OldTools  wrote:

Over the last few days, I made a specialized tool. Primarily galoot methods--
Number 4, spokeshave, vixen files, and scraper for the wood. Hacksaw and hand
files (I love my 12" Save-edge for precise yet fast steel removal) for the
steel. Only concession to the tailed apprentice was the final sizing of the
business end, as it needs a fairly precise fit.


Now for the fun: Anyone car to guess what this is for? It has a VERY specific

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