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270441 Chuck Taylor 2020‑04‑07 Re: Boxwood and Box Trees ( Was: boxing of planes)
Claudio, you wrote:

> Re boxwood plane
> ... I have 3 of Krenov's books plus a few other plane making texts (Finck,
> Weygers, Kingshott, etc )
> So you didn't use a laminated build, you cut it out of the solid? 

No, I did use a laminated build, as shown in David Finck's book. That's how I
was able to use a Stanley #80 cabinet scraper to flatten the bed.  David Finck
was another of James Krenov's students at College of the Redwoods.

> I love the look of traditional (not laminated) planes. 

I like them both. A laminated plane can be quite solid and a well-made one can
perform quite well. As Ed pointed out, it's quite hard to see the seams, even in


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