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270437 Erik Levin 2020‑04‑07 Mad a tool
Over the last few days, I made a specialized tool. Primarily galoot methods--
Number 4, spokeshave, vixen files, and scraper for the wood. Hacksaw and hand
files (I love my 12" Save-edge for precise yet fast steel removal) for the
steel. Only concession to the tailed apprentice was the final sizing of the
business end, as it needs a fairly precise fit.

Construction is pretty much what you see: quilted maple from a tree I helped a
friend take down about a decade ago-- not much left of it, but it is gorgeous--
and a chunk of steel from the scrap bucket-- nothing special here, though it was
some form of tool blade originally.


Roughed the blade by hand after annealing. Marked it out using red collodion
markout dye, straightedge, and B&S 800 (6 inch) divider for the 2" radius at the
business end. Filed the radius and thinned it, then appealed to the tailed

Roughed the wood with a #4 and spokeshave, followed by fine shaping with a vixen

Split the wood, drilled to match an existing hole in the steel for a 5mm copper
rod as a pin, and epoxied the whole mess together. Filed the rod ends to match
and blended it all with a scraper. The wood isn't a perfect match to the steel.
I went with what I had on hand.

Trimmed the ends of the wood for a comfortable grip and welt to town with the
dewaxed shellac.

Now for the fun: Anyone car to guess what this is for? It has a VERY specific

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