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270429 Chuck Taylor 2020‑04‑07 Re: Boxwood and Box Trees ( Was: boxing of planes)
Ed Minch wrote: 

> > 
> > The school had a bunch of different kinds of wood available for making
additional planes,
> > including a hunk of boxwood that looked good to me.
> >
> > ht

> A thing of beauty.  Your joints are invisible.  Is it as stable as one

Stable indeed. Still flat after a dozen years. It's a really fine-grained wood,
slick and smooth.

I ran the boxwood over a tailed jointer to begin with, but that left a rippled
surface. I think the jointer blades kinda bounced off. Then I took one pass with
my Jatoba Krenov smoother with a Hock iron and all the ripples were gone. Funny-
looking shaving:  rippled on the top, smooth on the bottom.

Thanks for the kind words.


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