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109150 Kilpatrick Jay Capt HQ AFMC/DRO <Edwin.Kilpatrick@w...> 2002‑08‑27 RE: Rivets in perfect handle screwdrivers
I'm no metal smith, but if you annealed pieces of steel rod from the
local hardware store, would that work? All these SOYBIPM types seem to
peen this stuff (Brass and Steel) then file it off. I don't see how that
process is any different than what you want to do.

BTW, I was practicing dovetails last night and learned a few things:
1. This was my third attempt and I still suck...not the gloatable
   kind either.
2. I'm getting marginally better (my only consulation)
3. A real bench would help (I think)
4. Books aren't enough for me, so I'm ordering Kingshot and/or Cosman
   video(s) unless someone in the Dayton area would let me borrow
   their copy(ies)

_Jay Kilpatrick

Tom Thornton wrote: Anyone any idea where and/or what I could use, round
shaft, anywhere from 3/4 to 1 inch long, about 3/16 in diameter, soft
enf to form top without beating to death.

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