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109131 Tom Thornton <tomthornton@n...> 2002‑08‑27 Rivets in perfect handle screwdrivers
Been slowly collecting perfect handle screwdrivers.
( steel shaft top to bottom, fattened at top with two pieces
of wood forming handle, piece on each side of the flat handle)
Wood handles can be present or not.
They take a bit of time to derust and restore
and require minimum storage/display area,(which is now at premium )

Is fun to make replacement handles  but attaching them is
a trick. I note the originals have a heavy steel rivets ( shaft, not 
hollow) with neat  ( not overstruck ) head  on both sides.

The length depends on the width of the wooden handles.
I'm at a loss as to where to go to try and find replacement.
Only rivets I know are  short ( under 1/2 inch ) and with big heads.

Anyone any idea where and/or what I could use, round shaft,
anywhere from 3/4 to 1 inch long, about  3/16 in diameter, soft enf
to form top without  beating to death.


Tom Thornton
Cincinnati #3, F&AM , Morristown, N.J., USA
Collector of old tools, specializing in hand cranked grindstones

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